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Welcome to Murickens Solar Inverter Kerala

Murickens Group is the first manufacturer and dealer of Solar Inverters in Kerala with ISO Certification. Farmers know the value of a large field with plenty of sunlight, and now people all around the world are taking this boundless source of diffuse energy more seriously as the finite supply of fossil fuels .Today we consume less than 0.1% of the solar energy for heating, transportation and power, although it is now possible to meet all our energy needs with this simple and renewable resource. We have our strong roots in Research and Development, fortified by a handpicked team of the finest talent. A team constantly keeps pushing the walls of technology with the tools of knowledge, state of the art machineries and the very best designing facilities something you can find whenever our technicians come up with solutions and improvements you didn't anticipate .Murickens are the first manufacturer and installer of Solar Power Plants under the brand name "Flyline" in Kerala and have installed thousands of solar power plants in different parts of the country since the year 2000. We are very proud to announce that we use the most modern technologies for power saving and utilization of solar energy and the Government of India Ministry of New Renewable Energy (MNRE) is providing subsidies for all solar products through ANERT. We have two types registered Brand names - "MG" & "FLYLINE"

Being the pioneers, we have made a place of our own in the field of solar based power units since our installation in 2000 and have done thousands of solar power unit plants in many places including The Agricultural University, Malapuram, Government of Kerala, The CISF 7th battalion military camp, International Airport, Karipoor, ISRO Sreeharikotta, Marine Fisheries Dept of India, Vallarpadam Container Terminal (IGTPL), TCS (Info Park Cochin) etc which are only a handful among our highly reputed clients in addition to a lot of other private organizations.. In order to avoid some unpleasant situations and for the smooth functioning of the system it is strongly recommended that the services of a qualified and experienced technician is sought without fail.



Flyline Solar sine wave ups is one of the best power savers used for domestic and office purposes. The products are manufactured with superior quality raw materials to assure our customers of our authenticity and reliability. Normally the ON/OFF switch is provided in the front panel and the UPS/Inverter selection switch is placed at the rear -more details



Do you want to build a fully independent, and reliable power house at home that has the ability to light the whole of your house? If so it has to be a fully solar dependent and automatic inverter that can be connected with the main KSEB line also and that is popularly known as Solar Standalone Power Supply more details



FDP Modular digital Over & Under Voltage Protector is self –healing phase failure and phase sequence for 3 phase protective relay and it’s a brand new germen technology equipment invented by Murickens group to protect household electrical devices .When we apply Flyline digital protector- It can quickly disconnect the power supply to protect the appliances when there is power interruption or the voltage exceeds of falls below the predetermined value.When the power supply recovers, Flyline protector automatically connects the power after 1-2 minutes delay.All the protective actions are automatically controlled and indications on its panel display show the working condition of the FDP.This FDP is maintaining Indian national quality standards, most excellent in performance and releability. It is very compact and convenient to use more details



Good news to the people of Kerala. Murickens group introduces  Solar based renewal energy is stepping into a new level with the household solar plants benefiting from making free electricity at home or commercial place. In the new scheme the individual household solar plants will give the KSEB board the excess electricity produced from the Flyline solar plant and in return the KSEB will pay you money... more details



Murickens, always adopt new technologies for the need of tomorrow. We introduced have battery-less renewal energy PCU,this advanced system does not require batteries for converting solar power into utility power of 220V AC. It absorbs solar power directly from solar panels and if the load driven by this system exceeds the available solar power, it will draw the required power from the mains to compensate the output power requirement without any glitch. In conventional solar power systems using batteries, one third of the total investment goes for batteries and since they are required to be replaced after some years. -more details



Flyline renewable energy charging control is a devise to control and utilize DC solar power. The main function of a charge controller or regulator is to protect your battery from overcharge and block a reverse current. All existing inverters and UPS can run by solar energy with the help of adequate capacity of a flyline solar charge devise and solar cells manually. There are Three types of charging controllers available now and they are MOSFET/ IGBT and MPPT charging controllers.... more details



Solar panel is a high quality solar Photovoltaic Silicon Mono/Multi Crystalline Panel or Cells and it is a union of solar cells for desired capacity. Taking into consideration the convenience of our customers we have provided the features like dual charging facility through which we can charge the Battery with the help of solar panels as well as K S E B current. By this way we can reduce the initial cost of Installation of the solar system by postponing panel installation for future more details



Flyline solar direct current system is the best way of converting solar sunlight to direct current. It can be used any where on earth where sunlight is available and there is no expense and headache for wiring or cabling. It is a fully automatic solar system, most suitable for Street Lighting, Highway lighting, pathway lighting, parking-up lighting, Campus Lighting, Hoardings, and Yard Lighting. Muricken's group developed two types of DC systems. . . more details



In accordance with the climatic conditions of Kerala there are two types of Solar Water Heaters with the first one being Flat Plate Collector (FPC) model generating hot water at a temperature of 80°C. This type of collector consists of rows of parallel copper fins, each of which contains an absorber tube in place of the absorber plate to which copper tubes are attached in a flat-plate and these tubes are covered with a special light-modulating coating.

The second one is Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) model and this system enables the optimum utilisation of solar energy by using glass tubes . For both the FPC and ETC models we are using the PUFF /glass wool insulated stainless steel storage tank to prevent heat loss. MG Solar Water Heaters simply reduce our electricity bills and are environment friendly more details


Flyline SineWave Inverter

Muricken's group developed sine wave inverter with the intention of reducing investment cost,saving of power and customer satisfaction.


Flyline electronic power system keeps constant power supply to avoid hindrance due to power failure at home, office etc.


Flyline batteries work with uninterrupted power supply for inverters and other stationary applications.


MG Automatic voltage stabilizing unit-it stabilize the higher and lower input voltage and provide a constant out put voltage always.


MG freezer is the only branded one to keep meat, ice crème, milk and cool drinks in a single unit. It maintains a temperature a few degrees above the freezing point of water


New revolutionary adventure for dead body preserving unit used for hospitals and nursing homes with low investment and power saving model.

FLYLINE online & offline UPS

Murickens modern and advanced uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) are a back up source of energy that provide emergency power to devices.

MG mobile mortaury

Murickens group is the best manufacture of MG mobile mortuary since 1990, with International quality and standards. Now our sales area covering all over world.

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